Which Are World's Wealthiest Countries Per Capita?

Recent research of the New World Wealth, a global market research group specializing in ratings, surveys, country reports and wealth statistics, revealed the wealthiest countries per capita in the world.

The research which  90 countries and 150 cities worldwide, reads that Monaco is leading the list of top 10 richest states in the world in 2018 per capita.

The higher concentration of wealth in the richest countries was boosted by small populations, favorable tax structures – both in terms of income taxes and corporate taxes – and high real estate prices, which attract richer individuals.

As for the list of the wealthiest countries in the world, it looks as follows:


In general, the research shows that the world is getting richer and so are wealthy individuals in the richest countries.

In addition, private wealth totaled about $204 trillion as of the end of 2018, according to a report from New World Wealth. It is estimated that the number will rise by another 43% through 2028, reaching $291 trillion.

As for the growth by country in 2008-2018, the US tops the list.

By Thea Morrison


06 May 2019 06:12