Zurabishvili: US Base in Georgia Bad Idea

The first female president of Georgia, Salome Zurabishvii, has said she believes it is not a good idea to build an American military base in Georgia.

While responding to the questions of the Voice of America (VoA) Georgian Service, the President noted such a step could be perceived as a provocation.

“There is no need to take steps that can be perceived as a provocation and I do not think the United States is ready to have a military base here, which would draw the attention of not only Russia but also of terrorist movements that are very active in our region,” she said.

Zurabishvili noted that the US is the number one strategic partner of Georgia, and cooperation, including militarily, needs to be increased.

“We are preparing for the Black Sea to become a more important link between us and the United States. This is one of the ways to deepen strategic partnership. And of course, direct military cooperation with the United States and NATO is important for stepping up Georgia’s defense capabilities. I think Georgia is doing quite a lot and it is recognized as a reliable and trusted partner,” she added.

By Thea Morrison




01 May 2019 12:46