Tbilisoba coming October 17-18th

Tbilisoba is an annual festival in the Georgian capital which is held in October. Residents of Tbilisi celebrate every year with family and friends.

The festival was first held on October 28th 1979 and since then has become a traditional day in the Tbilisi calendar.

This year Tbilisoba will be held on the weekend of the 17th October and features many outdoor events and various shows.

The festival features open-air concerts, some interesting competitions and various cultural events, such as fruit, tea and wine festivals, theatrical performances, exhibitions, traditional folk dance and musical concerts.

For the first time this year there will also be a cookery festival for guests, locals and tourists who love cooking and making delicious meals.

People will be able to enjoy traditional Georgian food as well as various foods from around the world.

Every year the festival attracts people from around the world to come with their families and friends to celebrate and make it an unforgettable weekend.

Join in the fun on October 17-18th and don’t miss out!

13 October 2015 17:07