Acting US Ambassador Confirms US Ships Were Tracked by Russia

Acting US Ambassador to Georgia, Ross Wilson, confirms that the US ship USS Ross sailing in the Black Sea was tracked by two Russian military ships.

“Russia is often caught reacting upon the movement of ships belonging to the US or other countries. However, it is our right to carry out such operations in line with international law. You should ask Russia what risks it sees in such activities,” Wilson said.

The USS Ross entered Batumi port on April 21. Members of the crew will carry out joint training together with Georgian colleagues on April 25.

The information was also confirmed by the Russian news agency TASS, which says that “Russia’s Black Sea Fleet forces are constantly monitoring the movement of the US Navy’s Ross guided-missile destroyer that entered the Black Sea on April 14.”

The article added that “upon entering the Black Sea, the US navy ship was placed under constant monitoring by the Fleet’s coastal surveillance facilities."

Georgian Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze, US Ambassador Ross Wilson and Head of Georgia’s Border Police Temur Kekelidze attended a reception at the USS Ross on April 23.

As the PM stated at the event, Georgia-US relationships are at the highest level and Georgia is very proud of this.

“Since the day of restoration of Georgia's independence, the US is always beside us and the Georgian people will never forget this. The security of the Black Sea region is becoming more and more important for the international community, our message has always been clear to our friends - the sustainable security of transatlantic states without security in the Black Sea region is unimaginable,” he added.


By Thea Morrison

24 April 2019 10:38