PM Visits Police Officers Injured in Pankisi Protest

Georgian Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze visited police offers injured during the Pankisi protests in hospital today.

He thanked the police officers for their professionalism and criticized the incident in the valley.

“Anyone has the opportunity to express peaceful protests and this is one of the biggest achievements of our government,” said the PM. “Throughout these 6-7 years, we have clearly demonstrated this,” he continued. “Naturally, violating the law, especially in the way we saw yesterday - the aggression against law enforces is totally unacceptable. Therefore, the answer to the law will be adequate,” he assured.

The government has been criticized for its construction of hydropower plants in rural areas in Georgia for misinforming locals of the effects. Although hydropower plants are important energy sources, they often destroy large areas of nature, threatening tourism, farming, and wildlife.

Nonetheless, Bakhtadze underlined the importance of the hydropower plants: “Economic development requires additional energy,” he said. “Without building [hydropower plants], it is impossible to cope with the challenges in the Georgian economy.”

He added that Georgia is behind many Eastern European countries in electricity consumption.

The Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Kakha Sabanadze and Vladimir Bortsvadze also visited injured police officers in hospital. They confirmed that hospitalized police officers are in a stable condition.

55 people, including 38 police officers and 17 citizens were injured when violence broke out during protests in the Pankisi Georgia on Sunday.

by Amy Jones 
Photo source - Ruptly
22 April 2019 21:44
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