QSI International School of Tbilisi Celebrates Earth Day

Tbilisi’s Quality School International (QSI) is a private, non-profit institution that opened in August 1995. It offers a high-quality education in the English language for elementary and secondary students. The school is located in a 5,000-square-meter purpose-built facility located a few kilometers from the U.S. Embassy, to the north of the city in a very green environment.

QSI has made it one of its priority to educate students on the social and environmental issues facing Georgia and today’s world in general, and on Friday April 19, the students celebrated Earth Day in the school gymnasium and presented the social projects they are involved in, with musical performances and partner organizations selling food and raising awareness at stands.

The student association ‘Roots and Shoots’ helps coordinate such projects, raises awareness and works alongside partner organizations. They are currently working with 12 partners organizations for which they raise awareness and money and from which they receive support in exchange. WWF, Sabuko, Hummusbar, UCMAS, Kera, Zero Effect and D.O.G are some of them.

In QSI, at the beginning of each year, students have the opportunity to choose from among different projects and pick one they would like to get involved in. Many projects are connected with other children and schools in Georgia which need support. ‘Roots and Shoots’ often helps to raise money and give schools supplies or books. For example, QSI’s 7-year-olds are currently fundraising for the Ninigori school situated in north-east Georgia. They sold their own books to be able to buy new ones for the Ninigori students and participated in the decoration of the school. The 10-year-old students are helping the Dvani school situated at the border with South Ossetia by providing science lab materials, books and teaching materials to support the teaching of English, mathematics calculators, photocopiers and electric heaters.

10-Years-Old Students performing

Last week’s Earth Day event was hosted in a very familial and energetic atmosphere. People were free to roam the stands, enjoying food and listen to the musical performances. GEORGIA TODAY had the chance to meet Karin Noll, the director of the school. She has been the director of the QSI school for two years and has worked 42 years in the global education system. She explained that what differentiates QSI from other schools is the fact that it tries to be “more conscious.”

“We need to be conscious of who we are and what our responsibility is. We are not just expats in Georgia, we have a connection with the Georgian communities across the country and we try to understand their needs,” she stated.

“Our students are able to understand that they are lucky, that their parents are educated, and that they are privileged. Then they can understand that other children lack food, money, school supplies or books. Our responsibility is to educate our kids on these subjects, it is a major focus for our school.”

“QSI’s basic philosophy is to help others. That’s why we decided to present different projects to the students so that they could choose which they wanted to get involved in. We have to create a culture where we care about others. In today’s world, when you are privileged, it is too easy to be blind.”

The school unites 42 different nationalities and provides $500,000 scholarships to Georgian students.

By Gabrielle Colchen

Photos by Nino Dzamashvili

22 April 2019 16:47