New Minister of Economy: I Am Lobbying Business & Citizens

Georgia’s newly appointed Minister of Economy, Natia Turnava, says the recent insinuations about her, released after her appointment, are just speculations.

“After my appointment, I read a lot of unpleasant information about my skills which are totally made up. If you have a look at my biography, you will see that I have worked with a lot of businessman and organizations and I worked in both - private and public fields,” Turnava said.

The new minister noted that the only side she represents and lobbies is the business and the citizens of Georgia.

“If I am lobbying anyone, this is a small and medium business and ordinary citizens whom I promise I will do my best to help. The Ministry of Economy will be more open, we are dealing with business circles and also simplifying services for ordinary citizens,” she stated when she was presented as a  new minister by the Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze.

Turnava mentioned that the previous minister, who stepped down on April 18, was very good at elaborating new strategies.

"Although we had not worked together for a long time, Kobulia was a very strong economist, a powerful analyst, a very strong strategist. We cooperated in developing a number of strategies and we will still continue their implementation, especially in the energy field,” the new minister said.

While presenting Turnava, Mamuka Bakhtadze said that the decision of Kobulia’s resignation was made by him, after the consultations with the ex-minister.

“Kobulia is a professional and a very strong economist…However, Turnava also has very rich experience in this field.

"We need fast solutions now, making decisions in an operational manner that serves the interests of our society and entrepreneurs. I am convinced that Natia will succeed in fulfilling her obligations. In my opinion, she has a correct perception of the social reality that is in the country today. The assignments and deadlines, which have to be done by the Ministry of Economy, are ambitious and strict but Natia has our full support and will successfully fulfill her obligations, "said Bakhtadze.

Turnava graduated from the Tbilisi State University Economics Faculty in 1990 and has taken Harvard and International Monetary Fund Vocational Training Courses. She also did a joint master program of the University of Cambridge, UK, and Robert Kennedy College (Zurich).

In 1994-1996, she worked as a scientific worker of the Institute of Democracy and Politics of Georgia.

In 1996-2000, she was the Deputy Head of the State Chancellery Service; Member of Tbilisi Sakrebulo and Deputy Chairperson of Finance Commission;

In 2000-2005, Turava was the First Deputy Minister of Economy and in 2005 she became the Deputy Secretary of the Security Council;

In 2013-2018, she served as the Deputy Executive Director of the state-led Partnership Fund; Member of the Governing Board of the largest Georgian private industrial group (GIG); Executive Director of International Energy Corporation of Georgia;

From July 12, 2018 to April 18 she was the First Deputy Minister of Economy.

By Thea Morrison


22 April 2019 15:22