Mayor Kakha Kaladze Wishes a Happy Palm Sunday to Georgia

Today, Orthodox Georgians are celebrating Palm Sunday, which is one of the biggest Orthodox celebrations. It occurs on the Sunday before Easter and represents the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.

People celebrating this day have a great feast before going on with the period of fasting that will last until Easter Sunday. On this special day, people are also going to church to buy and have blessed box-tree branches.

The Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture has repeatedly urged people to refrain from illegally cutting box-trees, since the Colchian box-tree is an endangered species.

On this occasion, Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze attended Palm Sunday Service in Holy Trinity Cathedral (Sameba) in Tbilisi and wished Happy Palm Sunday to the nation.

“I would like to wish Happy Palm Sunday to Georgia and the whole Orthodox Christian world. I would like to wish you spiritual peace, welfare, love and kindness.” he said.


By Gabrielle Colchen

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21 April 2019 18:33