Georgian MIA: Sisters from Saudi Arabia Asking for Shelter Not in Danger

Georgia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) has released a statement regarding the case of two sisters from Saudi Arabia, Maha Alsubaie and Wafa Alsubaie, who crossed Georgian border several days ago and asked for shelter.

The sisters claim their family wants to kill them and that they are already in Georgia. They also stated that Saudi Arabia canceled their passports and asked for help.

MIA reports that representatives of the Migration Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia visited Alsubaie sisters in their temporary apartment.

“The purpose of the visit of law enforcement officers was to offer assistance and security guarantees to the women and inform them about procedures on getting asylum in Georgia, in case of their will,” MIA said.

The ministry reports that After Alsubaie sisters received the information and certain clarifications from Migration Department, they agreed to visit Division on Refugee Issues of the Migration Department to undergo necessary procedures on asylum seeking as stipulated by Georgian legislation.

“We would like to clarify, those family members, to whom Alsubaie sisters are referring to as posing a risk for them, those family members are not in Georgia at the moment,” the statement says.

The Alsubaie sisters released a video on Twitter two days ago, saying their father and brother are in Georgia.

“We fled oppression from our family because the laws in Saudi Arabia is too week to protect us we are seeking the UNHCR protection In order to be taken to a safe country Please help us to survive,” they said.

By Thea Morrison



19 April 2019 09:17
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