Georgian Wine Advertising Campaign Kicks Off in Tokyo Metro

A campaign advertising Georgian wine has begun in Tokyo metro station ‘Tennozu Isle,’ the station located at the exhibition center Terrada Warehouse, where the ‘Georgia – Homeland of Wine’ exhibition was opened on March 10, to last until May 7.

The station is located on an island and connects to other islands, guaranteeing a heavy flow of passengers, with, on average, 50,000 people passing through daily.

In the station there are information-advertising posters and information brochures titled ‘Georgia - Homeland of Wine,’ which provide brief details about Georgia and Georgian wine culture.

The project ‘Georgia – Homeland of Wine,’ organized by the National Wine Agency and Association ‘Georgian Wine’ is implemented in partnership with Sony music communication and TOPPAN. The exhibition combines unique archaeological exhibits and modern technologies, the concept of which is based on the uniqueness of Georgian wine culture.

18 April 2019 16:57