Breaking Stereotypes’ Special Dinner

There are Georgian dishes we love, but somehow, we serve them only on celebrations or on special events! It is time to drop off the stereotypes! That is exactly what g.Vino is doing by offering Chef Tamta’s special dishes on the 23rd of April.

The Story of g.Vino Brand takes it roots from 2015, when G.Vino Bar was opened, followed by The City wine Hotel and Restaurant in 2019. It is a winelover couple run business and the family run aspect is portrayed by the comfortable atmosphere and relaxed ambiance. The wine themed place is away from the stresses of the world and is looking forward to hosting all wine lovers. The concept of the brand is dedicated to Georgian wine tradition which starts back 8000 years ago. G.Vino restaurant offers food locally produced and incredibly fresh that gives a unique and personal touch to the meal.

On the menu:

- Borano tapas with Ajika spiced bread
Wine: Chkhaveri, Zura Topuridze

- Khashlama warm appetizer with coriander sauce

Wine: Krakhuna, Baia's Wine

- Shila
Wine: Saperavi, Kakha Berishvili

- Kolio with chocolate and rosemary glaze
Wine: Chacha, Soliko

Set dinner per person 70 GEL +VAT

For Reservation:
Phone: +995 577 22 29 09
Address: g.Vino city wine hotel | 82 Uznadze st Tbilisi, Georgia


By Gabrielle Colchen

Photo Source: “Culinary stereotypes drop off” Facebook Event

17 April 2019 19:42