Discover Tbilisi with Photographer Thomas Dworzak

Easter is presumably the most religiously important holiday in Georgia. The orthodox significance of this date is topped with Georgian traditions related to Easter – families getting together, visiting cemeteries to honor their dead. As a tourist, you can absorb much of Georgian culture during this time of the year especially when you have photographer Thomas Dworzak at your side.

Thomas Dworzak is a German born photographer who has produced a number of books, won World Press Photo Award in 2001, received an Honorary Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society in 2018 and has been elected as the president of Magnum Photos in 2017. Dworzak was a Georgian resident for a long period between 1992 and 2012. He has proclaimed himself “Prisoner of the Caucasus” – that would explain him leading a four-day workshop to photograph Tbilisi in all of its glory with 12 selected participants from April 26 to April 29.  

“Photographing Tbilisi with Thomas Dworzak offers a rare chance to discover the various layers that the Georgian capital can offer to the visitors while improving your practice,” so claims the official website of Magnum Photos.

The four-day workshop, organized in collaboration with the Tbilisi Photography and Multimedia Museum, includes lectures, useful critique, shooting and editing of taken works. Nestan Nijaradze, the Artistic Director of the Tbilisi Photo Festival, will select the best two portfolios which later will be screened during the Night of Photography on September 15.

For further information about the workshop, Thomas Dworzak and the Magnum Photos visit the website.
Photo by Thomas Dworzak.

By Nini Dakhundaridze

16 April 2019 14:42