Following the Path of Digital Universe Development

In the rapidly developing world, realization in time remains a major challenge. Successful companies put a lot of effort into finding different ways to follow modern tendencies and meet client needs in the very best way.

Development in the digital and innovative direction is set as the top priority by many companies, including VEON Georgia (brand Beeline), which meets the challenges by making high technological decisions, being oriented on the creation of products and services which best satisfy customers and eases their everyday lives.

Head of the Digital and Innovation’s Department of VEON Georgia, Tamuna Jikia, recently traveled to Barcelona, where she attended the Mobile World Congress. She shared her impressions about the event and spoke regarding Beeline’s future plans.

Tell us about the 2019 Mobile World Congress (MWC). 

The MWC Barcelona is held annually to introduce the novelties and trends in the fields of telecommunication and technologies, all in one space. This year, the highlights of the exhibition included: 5G, artificial intelligence, network modernization, digital transformation, new phones with 5G support and unique foldable features, the first 5G pilots and more.

Almost all the telecommunication companies were present, demonstrating innovative equipment and robots with incredible capabilities, innovative pilotless vehicles and other new installations.

Tell us about 5G internet.

5G is not going to be just another ‘G’ on the path of technological evolution: this is a fundamental platform of the 4th manufacturing revolution, set to become an inseparable part of society and civil infrastructure. The technology represents very high internet speed to 20 GB/sec, which is 100 times more than the speed provided by 4G technology, and lessens the time for the distribution of information by 1 millisecond, which means the delivery of data in almost real time. All of this will contribute to the development of new directions: smart houses and cities, transports without pilots, robotics and more. The active use of given technologies in the medical industry is planned for the near future, which will give doctors an opportunity to lead distance surgeries with the use of VR (virtual reality) spectacles, which will save a lot of lives.

How useful was your presence at MWC Barcelona for VEON Georgia and for you personally?

Technological development and offering innovative products to customers is among the core strategies of Beeline. The inventive products introduced at MWC enables us to see the demands of the clientele for the long-term and prepare ourselves to meet them in the very best way. The exhibition represents an opportunity to meet potential partners and commence new business cooperation. At this stage, we are having negotiations with several large companies for offering their services to our consumers. Integration of a set of products with our existing portfolio, enabling us to deliver better services to our subscribers, is among our plans. 

Men dominate in the realm of technologies in general. There is a lack of female leaders in this field. How did out find yourself in this sphere?

Certainly, there is not a large number of female leaders in the sphere of technologies. However, this trend is increasing each year. I started working at VEON Georgia as the Head of the Marketing and Advertising Direction in November 2008. From 2018, I have been leading the Digital and Innovations Direction. I am very grateful for having a chance to work in a company which is always ready to support the aspirations of its employees and create a perfect environment for both professional and personal development. There is a number of women employed at VEON Georgia, including in my direction, who supervise almost all the responsible products and services based on high technologies. We are very proud of this fact.

My job comprises offering new, innovative platforms and products to customers.

Tell us what innovative products is VEON Georgia team working on.

We are currently working on a number of new platforms and on improving already existing products. Virtual assistant, modern self-service virtual offices, as well as other innovations will be introduced to consumers in the near future.

What would you advise people interested in the digital and innovations’ sphere?

The development of technologies is taking place at an incredibly accelerated speed, being actively integrated into our everyday lives and changing our lifestyles. From my personal experience, I would advise everyone, and youngsters in particular, to actively follow the progress of latest technologies and platforms, participate in the forums in their spheres of interest, experience the new capabilities themselves, and most importantly, apply the innovative – ‘out of the box’ ideas to any area.


Translated by Ketevan Kvaratskheliya

16 April 2019 16:49
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