Tourism in Highland Adjara Rises by 124%

The number of Adjarian Highland visitors has grown once more. According to last year’s findings, tourist routes of the Municipality of Adjara were visited by 244,478 tourists, which is the number 124% bigger than the statistics of the year 2017.  The touristic statistics were done by the Agency of Developing Touristic Products of Adjara Tourism Department. The Agency based their research on the information provided by organizations in the field of food, residence and other touristic attractions.

In 2018, out of all the tourist destinations in the Municipality of Adjara, the location that was most visited was Kobuleti – a small seaside resort, situated on the eastern coast of the Black Sea. The town was visited by 104, 702 tourists – the number is 38% bigger than that of the year 2017. Most of the visitors went to see National Parks and other tourist attractions, which serves Georgian economy very well. The percentage of visitors also rose in the Municipality of Khelvachauri. During last year, Machakhela and Mirveti were visited by 27,157 foreigners, topping 2017’s result by 112%.

To sum up, in 2018, the number of hostel stays and use of hostel services in Highland Adjara rose by 139%. The touristic services include nourishment and masterclasses as well as residence during nights.

The Head of the Agency of Developing Touristic Products of Adjara Tourism Department, Tinatin Zoidze, commented on the ever-growing number of Adjara visitors, saying, “The number of visitors in Highland Adjara gets bigger each year. This means that the region is no longer just a seaside resort, associated only with the sea – the tourists actively visit the attractions we have been working on developing and popularizing past few years.”

2019 Seaside Season is coming up – let’s see what this year brings!

By Nini Dakhundaridze  

15 April 2019 18:12