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Marani Kapistoni

Another success for Georgian wine! The London market has expressed interest in particular wines of ‘Marani Kapistoni’. Company founder Nika Chochiashvili took on wine production to continue his grandfather’s traditional business, but he went into it knowing that due to the rareness of the grape varieties, ideal for higher price ranges, the products would be best for foreign markets. The business was launched with government grants, aiming to promote nearly extinct grape varieties. Currently, negotiations are ongoing with English businessmen, and interest has also been expressed by other countries.


Kokoro is a Georgian lingerie brand launched by Nino Iosava ‘Kokoro’ and Koko Chikradze. Nino had always wanted this type of business and grew her experience to make it happen. Today, she is the Kokoro designer, while her spouse manages the finances. Due to the lack of resources on the local market, production takes place in Ukraine. There are already plans for the further growth of the brand. Swimwear is another line of Kokoro. The founders also aspire to open a lingerie shop.

Same Group

Discover Baratashvili 12, the hotel with a brand new concept of self-service, launched by the founder of the Same Group, Giorgi Iaskadze. Guests are met by special machines which will provide a unique code and room key after checking in, enabling them to enjoy the freedom of self-service. Isakadze claims this is a business which needs no human capital. Baratashvili 12 is a member of the Same Group, aiming to engage and develop the service quality provided at apart-hotels. Covering other regions aside from Tbilisi is among the plans of the Group.

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15 April 2019 17:26