Japanese Wine Master Praises Georgian Winemaking Method

The only wine master of wine in Japan, Kenichi Ohashi, stated that Georgian winemaking method is unique.

He made the statement at the exhibition "Georgia Homeland of Wine" in Tokyo, where he made a presentation about the Georgian wine to the Japanese wine professionals. 

The event was attended by up to 120 guests - local wine experts, members of the Japanese Sommelier Association, representatives of restaurant and trade chains, who were introduced to Georgian winemaking culture and wines by Kenichi Ohashi.

The wine master noted that Georgian winemaking vessel Qvevri represents the UNESCO World Heritage, adding the winemaking traditions in Georgia started 8,000 years ago and the Georgian method of wine production is unique in the world. He also underlined the diversity of Georgian grape varieties, which, in his opinion, also contributes to the taste and uniqueness of Georgian wine.

"Georgia is truly the first producer of wine and therefore deserves respect. The diversity of varieties is also interesting. All this is new to us and I want us to learn more about Georgian wine, as this is an ancient historical knowledge that is completely new to us,” said Kenichi Ohashi.

The project "Georgia – Homeland of Wine", organized by the National Wine Agency and Association "Georgian Wine" is implemented in partnership with Sony music communication and TOPPAN.

The exhibition combines unique archaeological exhibits and modern technologies, the concept of which is based on the uniqueness of Georgian wine culture.

By Thea Morrison


15 April 2019 00:01