New Photo Exhibition “Meet and Befriend” Opening at New Mziuri

Mziuri Park, located in what most locals would call the heart of Tbilisi, is often a go-to place for art lovers. Not only does Mziuri Park offer a green, calm environment to escape from fast city life, it often hosts art events- exhibitions or film screenings, etc. usually for free.  On April 12, Mziuri Park will come to be a temporary home for yet another photo exhibition called Meet and Befriend. New Mziuri Café will be the event point.

Jemal (Jimmy) Chachkhalia is the photographer whose work will be presented at the exhibition. The main theme of Chachkhelia’s photographs is the eyes of street children Tbilisians pass daily on the street. The eyes of children that ask for help – a little money or sometimes food. “These are the kids without a face. They are special, interesting, fun, caring and mischievous,” reads the public announcement for the event on Facebook, “They are a part of our society with a full right to childhood like the rest of us.” They say eyes serve as mirrors to one’s soul… Along with this voluntary interpretation, the visitors will also be able to listen to the actual life stories of these children.  

The event is presented within the scope of “Befriend”, a social campaign aiming to overcome barriers which serve as a burden between society and street children, by breaking the stereotypes troubling both sides.

April 12 is the International Day of Street Children. The date is usually celebrated with numerous street activities, to wit: street games, opening of small trampolines, artists drawing faces, and more. All the children will be welcome to participate.

The photo exhibition is as artsy as it is social – these children need our attention as much as we need to know their background stories. Attend the event, get to know them, and become their friend!

Photo source: Facebook page of the event.

By Nini Dakhundaridze   

11 April 2019 22:58