Museum of Recipes Launched in Tbilisi

Guests and locals food enthusiasts have something new to sink their teeth into in Tbilisi with the Museum of Recipes on Ingorokva Street.

Georgian cuisine is very eclectic and integrates hundreds of recipes and as such there are multiple books and other printed materials dedicated to the rich gastronomy of the country.

However, a huge number of recipes have been lost over the years. The founders of the Museum of Recipes had this fact very much in mind while working on the creation of the exhibition hall. As a result, they present a museum with the aim to collect and preserve folk and authorial recipes and present their stories to a wider audience.

Maia Kavtaradze, one of the founders, stated that guests will have a chance to explore ancient and modern recipes by famous chefs and amateur cooks. The recipes will be exhibited printed on paper or engraved on wood. The museum will also provide digital versions in different languages. Kavtaradze has also noted that publishing a book, integrating recipes of non-professionals who just enjoy cooking and creating new specialties, is among the plans for the near future.

The interesting feature of the Museum of Recipes is its showroom, which gives tourists a chance to cook particular dishes on site. They can also attend master classes of professional chefs.

The project has been implemented with financing provided by TechnoPark.

The entrance is free.

The Museum of Recipes welcomes visitors daily from 12PM to 8PM.



By Ketevan Kvaratskheliya

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11 April 2019 19:32