1.6 mln International Visitors Came to Georgia in Q1 2019

The Georgian National Tourism Administration (GNTA) has announced that 882,130 tourists and 1,617,548 international travelers came to Georgia in the first quarter of 2019.

The number of tourists has increased by 5.1 percent compared to the same period in 2018, whilst the number of international travelers has risen by 2.2 percent.

With 114.6 percent more travelers than 2018, Israel saw the biggest increase in visitors to Georgia followed by China (59.3 percent), Saudi Arabia (52.8 percent), and Saudia Arabia (52.8 percent).  

Visitors from the European Union also continue to visit Georgia. More guests came from Latvia, Slovakia, The Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, and Germany.

In January and February this year, tourism brought $333,7 mln revenue to Georgia, $15 mln more than the same period in 2018.


By Amy Jones

Photo source - Visit Georgia

11 April 2019 18:22