IMCA - #BeCleanBeGreen

On Saturday April 6, the International Medics’ Charity Association (IMCA) founded by Tbilisi State Medical University students, organized an action-orientated challenge Be Clean Be Green. Within the event, the representatives of the association and other volunteers, all 30 in total, cleaned up the territory of the Botanical Garden of Tbilisi.

The action was supported by Tbilisi City Hall. The IMCA challenges different organizations, including the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture, to take action and improve the environment Georgians have to live in.

The IMCA is a new non-governmental organization which was founded by the juniors and seniors of Tbilisi State Medical University. The association’s main goal, as its slogan claims, is to create an easier "Way to Humanity”.  The IMCA plans to work in three main directions: social, charitable and educational. Raising Medical awareness in Georgia is their starting point. The organization is not yet funded and is looking for donors. As it grows, the IMCA promises us to help more and more of those who are in need of a helping hand.

For further information about the IMCA visit their facebook page.

Earth Day is coming up later in April – everyone is encouraged to join the #BeCleanBeGreen challenge. Most places around the world could use some serious cleaning up – become a volunteer and help save the planet today!

By Nini Dakhundaridze

10 April 2019 02:57