Updates on “Georgia - Homeland of Wine” – an Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan

“Georgia, surrounded by Caspian Sea and Black Sea, nestled in the south Caucasus mountains, is a birthplace of wine” – this quote is taken from the online website of Georgia - Homeland of Wine, which serves as a promotion for the exhibition carrying the exact same name, happening in Tokyo, Japan.
Georgia Homeland of Wine opened on March 10 at the exhibition center “Terrada House” and will welcome visitors until May 7, 2019. Georgia Homeland of Wine aims to popularize Georgia and its rich culture, focusing on Georgia’s legendary wine and the tradition of 8000 years of making it.

During the project of “Georgia Homeland of Wine” various promotional events have already taken place.
 Famous British journalist and wine writer Andrew Jefford read a lecture in Tokyo, the topic of which covered the importance of Georgian wine. Jefford has been to Georgia quite a few times; he is an important figure in the tight circle of wine experts and him saying: “who would say no to having Georgian wine? Georgia is wine homeland and has a 8000 year-old history of winemaking” must work in favor of further advertising Georgian wine.  
Later, a presentation was held in the headquarters of Tokio Marine Holdings - the biggest insurance company in Japan - discussing the great potential Georgian wine has on Japanese market.  During the event Georgian wine was presented and then Azusa Segawa, a well-known sommelier, talked about the unique traits of Georgian wine. Within the scope of the event, an employee of Georgian Embassy in Japan, Davit Goginashvili, presented Georgia, its culture and the relations between Japan and Georgia.
On April 5, the posters of “Georgia Homeland of Wine” – the exhibition - were placed on the walls of Tokyo Subway. The station of Tennozu Isle serves as an entrance to the center of Terrada Warehouse – that’s where the exhibition is presented. The subway transmits at least a rough number of 50 000 people each day. The posters offer basic information about the project, Georgia and its phenomenal wine.
The exhibition Georgia Homeland of Wine is organized by National Wine Agency of Georgia and Georgian Wine Association, in a partnership with Sony Music Communication and the company of TOPPAN.

We can’t wait to see the next steps of this fascinating project.

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By Nini Dakhundaridze


09 April 2019 01:15