First Center for Autistic Individuals to Be Launched in Tbilisi

The Prime Minister of Georgia Mamuka Bakhtadze, along with the Mayor of Tbilisi Kakha Kaladze and the members of the Government attended the presentation dedicated to the start of the construction of the National Autism Center earlier today.

The officials addressed the audience and focused on the importance of this initiative. Kaladze also spoke about the support, shown by the City Hall in terms of carrying out the project, stating that 2 hectares of the plot of land have been allocated for its implementation by the City Hall.

“Since 2015 Tbilisi City Hall has been financing children with autism. Currently, the financial assistance in this direction is amounted to almost 4 million GEL. We have 951 beneficiaries so far, but a number of problems still remains, including the lack of the service centers for the adolescents above 16. Through this initiative we will be able to eradicate the issues in this respect,” said Kaladze.

“Georgia will be the first country in the region to launch the complex center for autistic adolescents and adults,” stated Mamuka Bakhtadze.

The Head of the Government praised all those, who have been involved in the process of implementation of various projects and establishing relevant services for children and youngsters with autistic spectrum disorder.

“I would like to express gratitude to the representatives of the private sector, who have been seriously involved in this national affair. I would also like to call upon other companies and Georgian entrepreneurs to participate more actively in this direction. I am sure, the National Autism Center will greatly improve the life of autistic individuals and contribute to their integration in the society,” stated the Prime Minister.

The Autism Research and Support Foundation is set to be responsible for the construction of the center in Tbilisi. It will serve the individuals with autistic spectrum disorder over 16 and help them to obtain new skills, get employed and live the full life.  

It is symbolic that the given project was presented today, as the World Autism Awareness Day is marked on April 2.


By Ketevan Kvaratskheliya

Image source: Government of Georgia

02 April 2019 15:34