Social Workers End Strikes

Social workers in Tbilisi and throughout the various regions of Georgia have ended their one-week strike and resumed work. Raisa Liparteliani, Vice President of the Georgian Trade Unions Confederation told Imedi TV that the social workers had decided to form a trade union.

“A number of issues, the matter of salaries and bad working infrastructure in particular, still remain unsolved. The social workers are to set up a trade union, and become more actively involved in the problem resolution process,” she said, going on to emphasize the reasons of the strike.

“The social workers made a decision to go on strike because of the inappropriate system. There were no replies to our requests from the government.”

Social workers have been striking for a week to demand improvements to their working conditions. Last week, they met with David Sergeenko, the Minister of IDPs, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia, who stated that the salaries of social workers would be increased from 2020.


By Ketevan Kvaratskheliya

Image source: ipn

02 April 2019 13:06