Health Minister Expects Social Workers to Stop Protests

Georgia’s Minister of Health David Sergeenko believes that the social workers on strike countrywide will stop their protests.

The Minister made the statement after meeting with the social workers on Thursday, saying an agreement has been reached by both sides.

One of the main concerns of the protesters, he noted, referred to low salaries. It was agreed that incrementaly raises will be made over the next nine months until social workers have a base salary of up to GEL 1200.

“The other demands regarding transportation expenses and additional cars have nearly been fulfilled. We have a plan which has been acepted by most protesters,” the Minister said.

However, the strikers claim they will not stop protesting until all their demands are met, saying they are willing to continue dialogue with the Ministry, but the strike will continue.

One of the social workers, Mariam Bandzalia, said a partial agreement had been reached but a number of important issues still need to be discussed.

"The Minister of Health saw the difficulties and challenges facing social workers. The strike regime is ongoing. Social workers continue to strike throughout Georgia, but at the same time this does not exclude cooperation and discussions with the Ministry," Banzalia said.

By Thea Morrison

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29 March 2019 12:09