American Friends of Georgia Charity Gala 'Restore Life'

American Friends of Georgia (AFG) is hosting Charity Gala “Restore Life” on March 30 at the Grand Sheraton Hotel, to promote a tradition of philanthropy and to benefit the most needy children and elderly in Georgia.

The goal of the event a is to support important social projects: the Dzegvi Shelter Community for people who have nowhere to go, such as mentally ill, disabled, former street children, poor elderly or abandoned single mothers and the Mercy Center Hospice and Home Care Program.

The Charity event is supported by the Embassy of the United States of America in Georgia, H.E. Ambassador Ross Wilson Chargé affairs a.i and Mrs. Margo Square, The Embassy of Turkey in Georgia, H.E. Ambassador Fatma Seren Yazgan. The Embassy of The Kingdom of Netherlands in Georgia, H.E Ambassador Jos Douma and Mrs. Aleid Douma, International Woman’s Association, American Chamber of Commers, leading Corporations: Adjara Hospitality Group, BDO,  BLC, Borjomi IDS, Delloite, Dentons, DIO, EY, Geomill, GMT, Grand Sheraton Hotel, Gvinadze & Partners, Katya Chavchavadze, KPMG, PMCG, Shumi Winery, TBC Bank.

The highlight of the evening will be the auction of donated outstanding artworks by prominent Georgian and American artists such  as Gia Gugushvili, Keti Matabeli,  Eter Chkadua, Lado Pochkua, Sasha Chavchavadze.  Levan Margiani, Mamuka Tsetskladze, Lia Shvelidze, Gia Chkhatarashvili, George Kvavilashvili, etc.

Contact Info: For reservation of tickets and more detailed information please contact:,, +995 599 262005



27 March 2019 21:46