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The startup Elven Technologies has taken a problem and set to solving it by perfecting the uniforms of life’s superheroes. The idea of producing cool, comfortable clothing, brought together Vamekh Kherkheulidze, Giorgi Gabrashvili and Lado Tsibakhashvili, doctor, engineer and finance manager. With a GITA grant, the designers started working on integrating an innovative cooling system into uniforms, first with those worn by firefighters: the Elven Fire Heavy outer layer protects against fire, steam and heat while the inside layers keep the wearer cool. The team has plans to do the same for uniforms worn by the B2C segment.


A new CE, European-standard aesthetic medical products factory is to be opened in the Orkhevi region in 2020. Aptos threads were created by Georgia’s Marlen Sulamanidze 23 years ago and are very popular in many countries today. They have so far been produced in Germany, but from next year will be sold with the ‘Made in Georgia’ label. The project is managed by the sons of Sulamanidze, Konstantine and Giorgi. Along with their own investments, the authors' plans are supported by Enterprise Georgia.

Georgian airplane

After designing for the world’s most prominent brands, Georgia’s Zviad Tsikolia is working on the creation of the first Georgian airplane. The idea was born 12 years ago and after overcoming technical and financial obstacles, Tsikolia recently presented the azure blue airplane ‘Lizi’. This is a personal, single-seat airplane made using composite materials and equipped with modern technologies. Tsikolia is now looking for finances and says that after completion, it will be sold on the American, European and Brazilian markets.

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25 March 2019 16:23