Undeclared Cigarettes Found in Sadakhlo, Sarpi and Red Bridge CCPs

On March 17-20, on the Sadakhlo (motorway), Sarpi and Red Bridge Customs Crossing Points (CCPs), facts of the illegal import of undeclared cigarettes were discovered.

On the basis of suspicion, after physical examination of the citizens of Georgia and Azerbaijan and their luggage, the customs officers of the Revenue Service of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia revealed undeclared cigarettes amounting to 8,440 in total and 4 tobacco heating systems - IQOS.

In accordance with Section 14 of Article 289 of the Tax Code of Georgia, the offenders were deprived of the undeclared goods and means of transport, and each of them received a fine of 1000 GEL.


Image source: cbw.ge

22 March 2019 10:47