Red Nose Day Celebrated at St George's British Georgian School

The global charity fundraiser known as 'Comic Relief' came to a school in Saburtalo this week. On March 18, teachers and students of the St George British Georgian School (BGS) raised some smiles - and some Laris - by dressing up for the day, known in England as 'Red Nose Day' after the outfits traditionally worn by circus clowns.
Normal school uniform was left at home as students dressed up as their favourite fictional characters - or simply dressed in fancy dress.
The idea of Comic Relief was started by British comedians in England in the 1980s, and then spread to USA a few years ago. Now it has come to Georgia!
Funds were raised by teachers and students who paid a small 'fine' to be excused normal sensible school wear. The funds from BGS will go to support children in Georgia who have Lukemia.
The school hopes this will become a regular feature in the school calendar. "At the very least it brightens a day at BGS in aid of a very good cause," said School Emeritus Head Dr Christopher Greenfield, who is currently visiting the school.
19 March 2019 12:26