Stoltenberg: Georgia Is Critical Partner of NATO

The Annual Report for 2018 presented by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg reads that “Georgia is a critical partner for the Alliance. It aspires to NATO membership, and Allies have consistently reaffirmed their commitment to Georgia’s eventual membership.”

The report was released on March 14 and it says that defense and related security capacity building for Georgia is provided through the Substantial NATO-Georgia Package.

It also says the Package is designed to strengthen Georgia’s defense capacities and therefore help Georgia prepare for eventual NATO membership.

According to the reports, the Package is supported by approximately 40 resident and non-resident experts from all Allies and partners Finland and Sweden. Allies and partners also provide funding for training, participation by Georgia in international exercises, and light equipment.

It also says that Georgia has made significant progress on aviation and air defense, in developing transparent acquisition legislation, in improving its cyber defense and logistics capabilities, and in bolstering the strategic communications capacity of the Ministry of Defense. Other initiatives, such as the Joint Training and Evaluation Centre and the Defense Institution Building School, are already offering numerous training events to military and civil students.

“In 2018, Allies expressed their readiness to enhance their support to Georgia, including in the areas of counter-mobility, training and exercises, and secure communications,” reads the report.

At the press-conference, Stoltenberg says the report shows NATO continues to modernize.

“To keep us all safe, Allies are “doing a lot more together – in more ways and in more place – than ever before”, said the Secretary General. They are strengthening NATO’s deterrence and defense posture, boosting their cyber defenses, fighting international terrorism, deepening partnerships, and much more,” he added.

By Thea Morrison

15 March 2019 09:29