Georgian Organic Food Producers at BioFach2019

Georgian organic food producers managed to gain attention and orders from international buyers at the BioFach2019 in Nuremberg.

The BioFach is the world's leading trade fair for organic food held annually with the purpose of connecting organic producers from all over the world and presenting the sector's latest trends. 

Producers from Georgia exhibited a variety of products at the trade fair; including fruits, herbs and tea.

During the BioFach2019 Georgian companies secured more than EUR 600.000 worth of orders from 15 international buyers. Pomegranate juice and herbal tea were the most in-demand products. Besides that, more than 60 new business contacts with leading companies from the EU, Canada and Taiwan were made. 

The participating companies are beneficiaries of the International Trade Center’s “Eastern Partnership: Ready to Trade” project, funded by the EU under its EU4Business initiative, which aims to connect small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from Eastern Europe to global markets. The trade project helps SMEs to access new markets with a focus on the EU; the main target is to help in identifying and complying quality and standards to meet international requirements, in connecting with international buyers as well as cluster support. 

By Lisa Maier

Photo Source: EU4Business



12 March 2019 14:29