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Maestro Gelato

Tengiz Gogia is a Georgian entrepreneur based in the Netherlands who always wished to start a business in his homeland. Following a friend’s advice, Gogia launched an ice-cream café ‘Maestro Gelato’ for ice-cream and espresso lovers. The gelato and sorbet flavors are produced using natural fruit pastes. 18 core flavors are offered alongside seasonal flavors such as different fruits. ‘Maestro Gelato’ plans to offer more than 200 different gelatos and sorbets, including a vegan menu. Gogia wants to open ice-cream cafes across Tbilisi.


Meet 19-year-old farmer Zuka Maisashvili who has used his knowledge, experience, resources and family support to start producing wine from endemic grape varieties in Racha, Georgia. His brand ‘Gvinuka’ began making small quantities of wine. Foreign partners have already expressed interest; however, the wine is currently only available on the local market. With new equipment purchased with grants, Maisashvili will continue to expand the business to a wider audience.


Victoria Kasyanova and Irina Ignatenko have launched a new startup ‘I SOAP’ producing handmade and fragrant soaps and cosmetics. Utilizing natural products without artificial colors or pesticides is of paramount importance for the founders of ‘I SOAP’. Kasyanova’s spouse, a sailor who travels a lot, collects a wide range of new and rare products which enriches the brand’s ingredients. The designers of ‘I SOAP’ are inexperienced marketeers. However, with high quality products and original packaging, they attract customers easily.

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11 March 2019 18:05