City Hall Launches Night Bus from Akhmeteli to Varketili

The night bus from Akhmeteli to Varketili district will serve passengers from today, March 8.

Tbilisi City Hall reports that every Friday and Saturday night, from 00:00 to 06:00, the bus will be appointed from Metro Station Akhmeteli Theater to metro Varketili. 

The route was developed within the framework of the Night Economy project.

Mayor’s Office reports that the night bus will start the route from the metro station Akhmeteli and the first stop will be in Didi Dighomi by the supermarket Goodwill. Then it will pass through the Aghmashenebeli Alley, Marshal Galvanic Avenue, right bank of the Mtkvari River and will stop on Saakadze I Exit.

Afterwards, the night bus crosses the Vakhushti Bridge and passengers will be taken to Vakhushti Street and stadium Dinamo Arena, then the road continues on Aghmashenebeli Avenue and will stop near the metro station Marjanishvili.

After that, it will pass Marjanishvili and Javakhishvili (previous Elbakidze Slope) streets and the first stop for the passengers will be at the first Republic Square, and then on Freedom Square and Baratashvili Street – Konka.

The bus will cross the Baratashvili Bridge and passengers will be brought to Europe Square. It will continue the road toward the Gorgasali and Gulua streets and will stop near the baths. After Ortachala, the next stops will be on Dodashvili Square and Metro Isani. The bus will be connected to Javakheti street with the Kakheti highway and the movement will be completed by Metro Varketil.

The buses will serve passengers hourly for a standard fare GEL 0.5. The preferential travel tariff will also be maintained on the route.

By Thea Morrison

08 March 2019 08:48