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David Mosiashvili is a 34-year-old single father who started his business along with his two children, offering hand-made brooches under the name of ‘Dema’. The primary factor for him in creating the start-up was that his children be involved, one of whom is five-year-old Demetre who suffers from cerebral palsy. The ever more popular brooches comprise wood-processing, painting and designing and are already being snapped up by shops wanting ‘Dema’ products. The entrepreneurs have their own studio with a wide range of equipment and, with the help of a grant, aim to expand the variety and quantity of their works.


‘-20%’ is the label found on wine bottles produced by 24-year-old Nikoloz Markozashvili in the village of Ditsi (Gori). The design is a loud protest towards the Russian occupation of the Georgian regions, and Ditsi itself is located adjacent to the occupied territory of Tskhinvali (South Ossetia). Wine is produced from two local grape varieties. At first, Markozashvili aimed merely to protest the occupation with his product, but the taste of the wine has proved just as popular, and interest has already been heard from France. Markozashvili has thus decided to expand his business to produce up to 1,000 bottles this spring and increase that number again next year.



Georgian cannery company Kula is to build a new factory, which, according to founder Vano Goglidze, will primarily be focused on manufacturing bio products. The construction works are already complete and involved consultation with German experts in order for the company to receive certification for the production of bio products. The cost for the launch of the new line amounts to approximately $2 million. Kula was founded in 2009 and has opened three factories to date, all of them located in the Karaleti village of the Gori region.

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04 March 2019 16:51