Georgian Criminal Gang Arrested in France

A joint investigation between French and Georgian law enforcers has led to the detention of members of a Georgian criminal gang in France.

The Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs announced today that the French gendarmerie detained members of the group on 13 February. The group are accused of 17 robbery cases and the possession and sale of stolen items. The criminal group was active in Reims and the surrounding area.

French police found various stolen items during a search of the detainee’s properties, including clothing and identification documents.

The Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs worked together with the French Gendarmerie to identify the gang.

Since 2018,  the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia has conducted 20 joint operations in European member states together with French, Greek, Spanish, and Polish police departments. As a result, 137 Georgian citizens have been detained for various offenses.


By Amy Jones

Photo source - Ministry of Internal Affairs

01 March 2019 15:51