Job Openings for High-Qualified Georgians in Germany

High-qualified professionals from Georgia will be able to go to Germany and find a job, says Jan Bittner, Head of the Economics and Law Department of the German Embassy in Georgia, noting that the German government has already submitted the relevant draft law to its parliament.

Bittner told IPN media outlet that people of certain professions- specialists who have obtained higher education- can be employed on the German job market and their number is not to be restricted by law. For example, IT specialists, cooks and other professionals who have high qualifications are to be welcomed to seek such job openings.

It is important to note that anyone hoping to find a job in Germany will have to justify his education and qualifications. Only IT professionals will be able to find a job without a formal diploma.

“This law has yet to be signed off on, so I can’t talk about specific procedures. But in the case of cooks, I can say that not everyone is entitled to a job, but rather it’s for those who are a national dish specialists, and they need to be in Germany. They should also have a specific labor agreement and a work visa from the Embassy because the visa free regime is only for tourists,” Bittner emphasized.

Besides Germany, high-qualified Georgian citizens were also recently given the chance to work legally in France.

According to the German Embassy spokesman, in addition to the legislative amendments related to finding work, the German parliament has received some regulations for the fight against criminals, of utmost important for the countries’ continued peaceful relations.

By Mariam Merabishvili

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25 February 2019 17:02