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Georgian Bicycle Group

From April, ‘Made in Georgia’ bicycles are to be presented on the local and international market by the ‘Georgian Bicycle Group.’ Founder Beqa Kiknavelidze was inspired by the increasing demand on cargo and electric bicycles. Customers will be able to purchase bicycles through an online platform, choosing specifications, technical characteristics and color, with prices to vary between 800 and 2,500 GEL. Interest has already been heard from Denmark and Finland. Creation of the enterprise, laboratory and showroom, integrated in one space, is scheduled for the near future.


Rko is the name of a new clothing startup with plans to establish itself on the international markets. The idea came from three young women- Tako Megrelishvili and sisters Tamar and Nino Mesakrishvili, who, even without their own sewing studio, were able to present their products at the Playtime Exhibition in Paris. They got positive feedback and, as a result, Rko has successfully completed negotiations with Germany, Italy and England, while consultations are underway with Japan, China, Belgium and Switzerland.


‘Barambo’ is a must-try for those interested in the taste of Georgian chocolate. Iago Chocheli started working in the sweets industry many years ago and launched a chocolate with a specific Georgian taste. Along with an increase in the assortment of products, the success of the business has also been growing, and Barambo is to represent itself on the Chinese market in autumn this year. The company also plans to launch in Egypt, Dubai and Saudi Arabia. Georgian chocolate, sweets and ice-cream are already well-known in Uzbekistan, Iraq, Ukraine, Russia and Singapore.

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25 February 2019 16:48