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We’ve got some interesting news for cheese lovers from a grandfather and grandson who are offering cheese tours in Georgia. Giorgi Ghaghashvili saw how much his foreign guests enjoyed cheese tasting and invested 90,000 GEL in the construction of the infrastructure to make something of it. Along with tasting, guests can learn the history of cheese and participate in making some. Visitors from Israel, the USA, Canada and post-Soviet countries are among the most frequent guests. Ghaghashvili’s products have already been exported to the USA and they have an eye on Europe, too.


Adjara Group is doing wonders for Georgian tourism yet again! This time, they are adopting the ‘farm-to-table’ concept and have plans to launch it in a large Kakheti hotel set for completion next year. The concept allows guests to work as ‘farmers’, harvesting the products and then cooking them. The company has so far planted an almond garden on location.


Georgia offers a lot when it comes to taste and color in wine, and already many countries appreciate Georgian wine’s specific characteristics. Students Giorgi Machavariani and Saba Sakhvadze, one day unable to find a bottle-opener, decided to create a more practical packaging for wine and developed the canned “Mivino”. With the help of foreign partners, they produce high-quality cans which help keep the taste characteristics longer, making Mivino ideal for any simple occasion.

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18 February 2019 19:46