Georgia's democratic reforms discussed with US senators

Aside from the bill recently presented to the US Senate and providing tougher sanctions against Russia for its illegal activities in Georgia and Ukraine, the Prime Minister and the senators also discussed Georgia’s latest democratic reforms.

It was the occasion for the two American senators to praise the country’s improvement in terms of democratic and economic development: «We are pleased to see the changes that had happened in Georgia and to see that those are continuing” said the Democratic senator of New Hampshire, Jeanne Shaheen.

This declaration follows the government’s recent decision to reform the justice sector, intending to make the court more open and independent. A decision also praised by the European Union in its recent report yet reminding about the fragility of these reforms and declaring :« it is important for the Georgian government to continue fostering an open dialogue with all political actors and civil society”.

By Sophie Pouzeratte

18 February 2019 14:51