President Zurabishvili Meets Georgian Diaspora and Students in Paris

Within the framework of an official visit to France, the President of Georgia, Salome Zurabishvili, met with the Georgian diaspora in Paris.

Zurabishvili made some important initiatives during the meeting, stating that due to the large number of citizens living abroad, Georgian diaspora should have a representative in the Parliament of Georgia.

"With the competent authorities, we will start working on a draft legislative amendment that enables the Georgian citizens residing abroad to be elected to Parliament," she said, noting a similar practice in European countries.

The President underlined that the State and the President are obliged to pay particular attention to the diaspora, which means proper activation of dual citizenship.

During the meeting, the President also touched upon the issue of maintaining the native language. With the collaboration of the Ministry of Education, a plan will be implemented which will enable members of the Georgian diaspora to distance-study the Georgian language.

She added that Georgia has no future if society is not united around important issues.

At the meeting with students, Zurabishvili was interested in the challenges the Georgian students face when studying and living abroad, their expectations, and plans after returning to Georgia.

She asked the students where they see themselves working, in public or private sectors, upon their return to their homeland, and their views on collaboration with the government.

"We live in the 21st century, in which a place of residence is not as important as a connection and ways to strengthen this connection to be fruitful for both parties,” she said.

The President also visited Leuville-Sur-Orge where she was hosted by Mayor Eric Braive. 
She laid a wreath at the memorial of prominent Georgian political emigrants at the Leuville cemetery and honored the memory of Noe Zhordania, Chairman of the Government of the First Democratic Republic of Georgia and her parents.

President Zurabishvili also visited the Georgian Estate in Leuville.

By Thea Morrison


18 February 2019 12:53