Mayor Puts “Chaotic” Construction Process on Hold

In a briefing today, Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze pledged to put "chaotic" construction in Tbilisi on hold.

Kalkadze promised to end the intense construction wave by forbidding the permissible number of floors per land plot to be increased. “The new regulation will apply to all future construction permits and plans,’ said the mayor.

The practice of building high-rise buildings on land that were originally allocated to smaller buildings has skewed the cityscape in Tbilisi. Developers often build appartments with disregard to the surrounding buildings which has lead to a chaotic skyline.

“Our agenda includes the creation of proper development conditions for Tbilisi [which] will be carried out gradually,” promised Kaladze. Tbilisi City Hall will enforce the regulations.


By Amy Jones

Photo source: Tbilisi City Hall

15 February 2019 19:42