Babluani Family to Launch a Georgian-French Film School

Well-renowned in the world of cinematography, the Babluani family is launching a project which involves constructing a brand new Georgian-French cinema school in Georgia.

The initiators of the project, directors Temur and Gela Babluani, aim to establish a multifunctional academy and give an opportunity to the emerging talent and cinema lovers to obtain a high-quality education in the field.

The school will receive approximately 300 international and local students annually and provide a scholarship for the most successful ones. Students will be able to choose the field for their future studies among 17 specializations, including various artistic directions, as well as promotion and networking for film projects. Different invited filmmakers will teach the classes and share their experience with the students. TV host Olga Babluani will also lead a number of lectures.

Numerous European companies have already expressed their desire to be involved in the process of the development of the initiative.

A dormitory for the students, two filming locations and a wide range of other facilities will be present at the multifunctional school.

The school is expected to welcome its first students in 2020.

The two directors told Imedi TV that by carrying out this project, they want to contribute to the development of the field of cinematography in Georgia and make the county a regional hub for this sector.

Temur and Gela Babluani have strongly established themselves in the world of cinematography in Georgia and beyond its borders. They have gained recognition for separate works, but their collaboration for production of ‘13’ is the most notable in their homeland, as well as internationally.


By Ketevan Kvaratskheliya

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13 February 2019 17:05