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The Millennium Innovation Award platform, aiming to boost the interest and motivation of youths in Sciences, Technologies, Engineering and Innovations, launched a project for those wishing to develop their ideas and introduce them to a wider audience and for professionals of different fields looking for new and interesting collaborations. The program is financially supported by the US Embassy. Various projects have already been carried out and received positive expert evaluations. The authors of the most successful projects will travel to the USA and participate in an education program at the NASA Space Center University.


An innovative perspective, an image captured in a diverse manner and a reality reflected in 360 degrees: these are the outstanding features of photo-video studio ‘Watermark’, a Georgian startup. Watermark founder Oto Shamugia says that at the development stage, he only had experience working in graphic design, and attributes his enthusiasm and interest as major factors leading to the company’s success. Watermark offers a fast and cheap service using the latest technologies to create interactive images. Watermark products have sold in more than 40 countries so far.


Kona is another Georgian brand expanding into international markets. After being introduced to tea lovers in The Netherlands and Lithuania, this Georgian premium-class tea can now be found on the shelves of ‘Mariage Freres’, a 200-year-old French tea house. Kona founder Natalia Partskhaladze says green and black tea are exported to France and six different Kona teas to the German market. The company plans to triple production by year-end. For Women’s Day in March, they will release a special selection of teas packed in handmade purses.

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11 February 2019 16:27