Georgia’s Zalkaliani Meets Venezuela’s Representative in Washington

Georgian Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani met the representative of Venezuela’s legitimate government, Carlos Alfredo Vecchio, in Washington on February 8.

Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) reports that the sides discussed recent development in Venezuela. Zalkaliani once again reaffirmed Georgia’s support towards Venezuela’s Interim President Juan Guaido.

The MFA says Carlos Alfredo Vecchio noted that Venezuela will restore relations with Georgia and recognize Georgia’s jurisdiction over the occupied regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

“After we, the interim president and the transitional government, have full control over the territory of our country, we will work with Georgia… We will support Georgia and recognize it as the only country with jurisdiction over the occupied territories. The current situation contradicts international law," Vecchio stated.

Zalkaliani noted that the Georgian authorities did not recognize the results of the presidential election held in Venezuela in 2018, which was held in an undemocratic environment. According to him, Georgia recognizes the National Assembly as the only legitimate body of the country and Juan Guido as an interim president.

By Thea Morrison



10 February 2019 02:50