NGOs Demand Resignation of Human Rights Committee Chair

Part of Georgia-based non-governmental organizations is demanding the resignation of Sophio Kiladze, Chair of the Parliament’s Human Rights Committee.

The NGOs claim that Kiladze is famous for hate speech that encourages hatred in society. The organizations believe that she must not chair the Human Rights Committee.

Tamar Kuratishvili, spokesperson for the NGO Partnership for Human Rights stated that Kiladze is not suitable for the post of the chairperson of the Human Rights Committee because “her comments often include hate speech and promote hatred in the society.”

The NGOs also held a protest rally with the slogan “I will protect you if I want it."

Coalition for Equality released a statement on February 5, reminding Sophio Kiladze that the status of the Chairman of the Committee on Human Rights and Civil Integration obliges her to show respect for human rights in public position and promote the involvement of the civil society representatives in legislative processes.

“Unfortunately, the Chairman of the Human Rights Committee is the author of unethical statements, authoritarian approaches, and human rights views that do not correspond to her high public status,” the statement reads.

By Thea Morrison

08 February 2019 17:29