Ajara Gov’t to Resolve ‘Dream Town’ Issue

The Chairman of the Government of the Autonomous Republic of Ajara, Tornike Rijvadze, has made a statement regarding the residential buildings that are planned to be constructed in order to ameliorate the living conditions of numerous families residing in Batumi’s surroundings.

Homes will be built for the inhabitants of the so-called ‘Dream Town’, created on the area of former bases of Russian military battalions as a result of eco-migrant flow from the highlands of the region of Ajara in 2012. The residents were obliged to migrate as a consequence of multple natural disasters that took place in the Mountanious Ajara at a time. Those families, who were left without shelter and housing alternatives, found a 'solution' in settling  on the outskirts of the city of Batumi in their own huts made of cardboard.

Rijvadze focused on the importance of enabling all the residents of the region to have healthy and appropriate living conditions, in accordance with ecology and safety principles.

“We cannot tolerate our citizens living in life-threatening and degrading conditions. We are working intensively in this direction and make every effort. The Government takes responsibility for people. We have made a very important decision to change this reality and the lives of hundreds of people. We will build residential buildings on this territory and so called Dream Town will definitely turn into a place of fulfilled dreams,” said Rijvadze.

The Chairman of the government also stated that a relevant working group will study the case of each citizen individually.

The project will be financed by the state and approximately 10 million GEL will be allocated from the budget.


By Ketevan Kvaratskheliya

Image source: Government of Ajara  

07 February 2019 17:42