Karate and Basketball to Be Offered to Juvenile Offenders

The Georgian basketball and Goju-ryu karate federations are to offer juvenile offenders free training, as part of an initiative by the Georgian Ministry of Justice.

The initiative will be introduced to 3 prisons in Georgia: the 8th and 11th prisons in Tbilisi and Kutaisi prison. Coaches from the federations will offer lessons free-of-charge with the hope of teaching the convicts new skills.

The ministry hopes that the project will help offenders to find employment upon their release from prison. They are also enlisting individuals to teach valuable skills such as new languages or how to pass university entrance exams.

“The project aims to support convicts in re-integration and re-socialisation into the public,” said the ministry.

On February 22, the ministry will release more information regarding the project during the presentation of its 2019 - 2020 action plan.


By Amy Jones

Photo source: Ministry of Justice Press Office

05 February 2019 18:17