Jack Shepherd’s Lawyer on UK's ITV

ITV news' “Good Morning Britain” welcomed the lawyer of "speedboat killer" Jack Shepherd to the show today.

Shepherd has been sentenced to six years prison in the UK for the manslaughter of Charlotte Brown. He is avoiding returning to the UK, claiming he fears for his safety in prison due to death threats and the influence Ms Brown's father has. He will remain in prison in Georgia for the next three months and he will continue to fight his extradition.

Shepherd’s lawyer in Georgia, Marian Kublashvili, told ITV this morning that Shepherd does not consider himself directly guilty of Charlotte’s death since he "could neither save her nor avoid the accident that happened".

She also mentioned that Britain was not safe for Shepherd and that his family and lawyers had already received threats, justifying the need for Shepherd to stay in Georgia.

Finally, she denounced the fake news deliberately spread to create confusion regarding the affair and made it clear that she was more than ready to defend Shepherd from media labels and disinformation campaigns.


By Gabrielle Colchen

Photo source: BBC News

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05 February 2019 17:51