2019-2020 Tbilisi Infrastructure Projects

This Tuesday, Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze presented the major infrastructural projects planned for the city in 2019-2020.

Large projects will be implemented by Tbilisi City Hall’s Infrastructure Development Department, while small and medium projects will be implemented by the governments of Tbilisi’s districts.

“The everyday routine of our work is a step-by-step approach to building a European, modern, orderly, comfortable and safe city…These are the issues we have accumulated over three decades, and each of us is puzzled. Of course, it is impossible to solve all the problems with one hand, but I am sure that we will solve everything with a united effort,” Kaladze said.

The major projects for the coming two years include:

  • A new road connecting Machavariani Street and Marshal Gelovani Avenue, 18 million GEL ($6.8 mln)
  • Renovation of the underground crossings at Heroes Square, 3.8 million GEL ($1.43 mln)
  • A new road leading to Lisi Lake, supporting the area’s developing infrastructure (tender to be announced soon)
  • Dighomi Chalebi park will be completed in 2020, 11.6 million GEL ($4.37 mln)
  • A new sewer network in Dighomi village, 3 million GEL ($1.13 mln)
  • A new sewer network in the Mukhiani settlements, 1.9 million GEL ($72,000)
  • Renovation of the underground crossing at First Republic Square (near the Radisson Blu hotel), 2 million GEL ($75,000)
  • Renovation of the vehicle tunnel near Rustaveli metro 1.3 million GEL ($49,000)
  • Full rehabilitation of the Kakheti highway, 45 million GEL ($16.95 million) plus 7 million GEL ($2.64 mln) for street lights and 7.1 million GEL ($2.67 mln) for green spaces along the highway
  • Renovation of the monument “Man and Sun,” near the Tbilisi Airport, 3.6 million GEL ($1.36 mln)
  • Renovation of Chavchavadze Ave., 13 million GEL ($4.9 mln)
  • Renovation of Vekua-Khizanishvili streets (the two main streets of Gldani), 10 million GEL ($3.8 mln)
  • Renovation of Kandelaki St., 1.6 million GEL ($60,000)
  • Renovation of Kikvidze Park, 4.9 million GEL ($1.85 mln)
  • Repair work on the bridges over the Gldanula River in Gldani, 4 million GEL ($1.51 mln)
  • A new vehicle bridge connecting University Street and Tskneti highway (Bagebi), 20-30 million GEL ($7.5 – 11.3 mln)
  • The construction of multiuse community centers in Didi Dighomi and Vareketili, 12 million GEL ($4.52 mln) each
  • Converting concrete road islands into green spaces, 753,773 GEL ($283,906)
  • A new road to the settlement of Vashlijvari, 2.7 million GEL ($1.02 mln)
  • Renovation of Dry Bridge and the Saarbrucken Square area, 9.9 million GEL ($3.73 mln).
  • Renovation of Pirosmani Street, 50 million GEL ($18.83 mln)
  • Renovation of Gudiashvili-Purtseladze streets 45 million GEL ($16.95 mln)
  • Mtkvari River area development, 110 million GEL ($41.43 mln)


Kaladze noted the importance of the area of Dighomi for the city’s ecological health, saying “The next very important project is to regulate the area of Dighomi. We talk a lot about improving ecological conditions, what the municipality and the population should do to improve the situation. We have already tightened regulations on construction. Also, we pay great attention to the creation of green spaces. Not one construction permit has been issued from our side [that would damage] green spaces, sports grounds, etc. Special attention is paid to creating a lot of green spaces.”

The Kakheti Highway project is a major undertaking, which began in 2018. “At the first stage [of the project], we started to adjust the right and left frontage roads. All communication networks have already been replaced. The greenery and lighting network will be fully renovated. In the area around the [Man and Sun] monument, we have a similar approach – green spaces will be created. Within the works, a drainage system, lighting, and an artificial lake will be created to make a nice space in the city,” Kaladze explained.

Kikvidze Park, officially called the Veterans’ Rest and Culture Park, will be renovated by the end of the year. “The renovation of this park is carried out within the projects that serve to create green spaces and improve ecological conditions. Here, we have two directions: first - regulation and maintenance of the existing parks, and second, the construction of new city parks and squares, which the governors [of Tbilisi’s districts] perform at a very high level…New spaces will be created for children, an amphitheater and bicycle area will be arranged. In this and every other city park there will be a sports zone with equipment for people of any age to use,” said the Mayor.

Multiuse community centers are planned for Didi Dighomi and Varketili, in line with Kaladze’s election campaign promises. “Of course, we will fulfill this promise,” said Kaladze, “Last year, one complex was opened in Temka, but it is not enough. This year we are launching two important projects in Didi Dighomi and Varketili. These are multifunctional centers where there will be all kinds of sport facilities, a swimming pool, a mediathek [digital library and co-working space], cafes, libraries. We will present similar projects in different districts and will start implementing them next year.”

There are also plans for a major renovation of the area around Dry Bridge and Saarbrucken Square. “We are planning to rehabilitate the surrounding area, including Dedaena Park. Green spaces, which are in poor condition, need care and attention. In this area, interest is high. The complete rehabilitation of Orbeliani Square will soon be completed and the two parks will be in harmony with each other,” promised Kaladze.

Some of the biggest projects include the renovation of Pirosmani Street, Gudiashvili-Purtseladze streets, and the redesign of the territory along the Mtkvari River, near Gorgasali Street in central Tbilisi. Kaladze explained that the Pirosmani Street work will take two years. “Every house on this street is in a state of emergency,” he said, “Within the framework of the project, all this will be sorted, starting with underground communications which needs to be entirely replaced and repaired. I'm sure local businesses will be involved in the process. The renovation works on Gudiashvili and Purtseladze streets are important projects that will be completed in 2020.”

Speaking of the Mtkvari riverbank development, the Mayor said, “This is a very important project. We would like to arrange a vehicle tunnel and, above the tunnel, have a pedestrianized green space with 10 hectares of landscaping. We also want to construct a pedestrian bridge that will connect directly to the Avlabari metro station.”


By Samantha Guthrie

Image source: Tbilisi City Hall






31 January 2019 21:52