Anaklia Port to Receive over 233 mln Euro from EU

The European Union has made a decision to financially support the Anaklia Deep Sea Port. In a document published by the European Commission regarding the development of the ‘Trans-European Transport Network’, it is stated that 233 mln Euros have been allocated for financing the 2nd phase of the Anaklia Deep Sea Port. It is also noted in the project that 1000 mln Euros have been assigned for the construction of the rail lines and highway leading to the Anaklia Deep Sea Port.

Credit financing will take place within the new project of the European Union - ‘Trans-European Transport Network.’ The initiative will sponsor major infrastructure projects in the six countries of the Eastern Partnership – Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. The total cost of ‘Trans-European Transport Network’ will come to 12.8 bln Euros.

The European Commission stated that the given investment package includes the construction of a 4800 km highway, development of the railway infrastructure, advancement of six port projects and the equipping of 11 logistics centers. Within the framework of the ‘Trans-European Transport Network,’ more than 10 projects are to be carried out in Georgia. A number of these are in pre-production phase and there are no final agreements on their financing as yet.

1. Road and rail to Anaklia Deep Sea Port. Cost of project: €100 million;

2. New Deep Sea Water Port in Anaklia (Phase 2). Cost of project: €233 million;

3. Grigoleti - Poti bridge. Cost of project: €25 million

4. Construction of road Grigoleti-Kobuleti. Cost of project: €101 million;

5. Construction of new road Batumi Bypass. Cost of project: €115 million;

6. Cargo terminal in Kutaisi Airport. Cost of project: €61.5 million;

7. Construction of the Chumateleti-Argveti section of the East-West Highway. Cost of project: €1 billion;

8. Rustavi - Red Bridge Highway. Cost of project: €115 million;

9. Algeti - Sadakhlo Project. Cost of project: €90 million;

10. Sadakhlo Friendship Bridge. Cost of project: €6 million.

The projects included in the investment plan were identified together with the Eastern Partnership countries and with the assistance of international financial institutions.

The priority investments include both short-term projects to be completed by 2020 and long-term projects by 2030.

European Commissioner Johannes Hahn stated that: “The completion of the Indicative TEN-T Investment Action Plan is a joint commitment to deliver tangible results for citizens across the region.”

17 January 2019 18:05