Public Services to Become Disability-friendly in Georgia

The UNDP and Government of Sweden have assisted the Georgian Public Service Hall in the introduction of inclusive public services for people with disabilities. 

The results of the 8-month project “Enhanced Services for All” was presented by Minister for Justice Thea Tsulukiani at a public event on 16 January.

A new manual titled “Serving People with Disabilities in the Public Service Hall” was also introduced. It should establish a new public service standard in Georgia based on international practices and an assessment of needs in Georgia.

From June – December 2018, 750 Public Service Hall front desk operators were retrained. A training module on disability-sensitive service delivery has been introduced to the new staff induction program.

In addition, 400 new signs have been created to improve public services for people with hearing impairments. 20 Tbilisi Public Service Hall operators were trained in sign language, which has helped over 200 customers with hearing impairments since November 2018. 

The Georgian Public Service Hall is now considering the next steps to continue to make public service delivery more equal and inclusive.


By Amy Jones

Photo source: UNDP 

17 January 2019 17:36